Boeuf Bourguignon: A Recipe to Welcome Fall

Boeuf Bourguignon Recipe | Umami Girl

It’s back to school week for our kiddos, and there’s a slight, obliging chill in the air. I won’t get all pumpkin spice on ya just yet (and never in coffee, I promise), but folks, it’s time for some fall food. I can’t hold it in any longer. We’re going big, too, with a classic that takes a little bit of time and effort but is well worth the addition to your repertoire. It’s Boeuf Bourguignon, the gorgeous French beef stew that rocks a whole bottle of wine and still feels wholesome. It’s not just dinner — it’s a role model for modern life. 

Boeuf Bourguignon Recipe | Umami GirlBoeuf Bourguignon is the ideal centerpiece for a cozy fall or winter dinner party. It has that effortless French classiness vibe and goes great with simply prepared potatoes or egg noodles, a nice green salad and plenty of wine. Although it takes some time to prepare, it’s actually better made a day or two in advance and left to commune with itself before reheating on the day of serving. Word to the wise: this also makes it a fabulous option for care packages.

I’m off to enjoy the gorgeous day (a.k.a. drive to Target to stock up on paper towels, TP and cleaning supplies). It’s a glamorous life. Can you even stand it? Talk to you soon.

Carolyn xx