Liquid Love: This Smoothie Should Be Your Valentine’s Day Breakfast. Trust Me.

Ahem. It’s probably best that I not say too much about this smoothie recipe, and that you just go ahead and purchase the ingredients, blend it up, and get on with things. If you catch my drift.

I will say this: if you are at all on the fence about the powers and pleasures of a healthy diet, this smoothie will put you over the edge. I will also say, as they do here in England, that this smoothie is “good fun” for any day, and it’s especially apropos on Valentine’s Day. And I will say that this smoothie is delicious, but that the taste is almost beside the point. Am I making myself clear? Are you making yourself a shopping list?

Okay, no more beating around the bush. (Yeah, I went there.) Share this smoothie with your Valentine on Tuesday morning, let your mind wander during the afternoon, and then go forth and enjoy your evening. You can thank me on Wednesday.

Carolyn xx