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Cherry Clafoutis Recipe | Umami Girl

Six (six!) years ago I wrote about cherry crisps and clafoutis. There was no clafoutis recipe, and that was the point. Thinking back once in a while, in various stolen moments throughout the ensuing years, I’d remembered the crisp recipe. (It’s good. Maybe make it soon?) But despite the dripping title of the post — Someday, a Clafoutis. — I hadn’t remembered the greater context of the prose. Guess what, you guys? It was all about moments of unfulfilled potential. The things we haven’t done. The people we haven’t become. The questions we haven’t answered.

Well. Last night I made a cherry clafoutis. And it was really good.

One box checked, then.

Cherry Clafoutis Recipe | Umami Girl(more…)

A crispy chicken sandwich made in a flash with my super-flavorful crispy baked chicken tenders and a rad sauce or two. Summer food that’s kid-friendly and secretly craved by the very best adults. Ahem.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich | Umami Girl

Summertime…and the livin’ is…KID-FRIENDLY. Am I right, parents? Sorry, what was that? I can’t hear you over the rising 4th grader’s constant recording of vlogs for her fake YouTube channel. (Don’t judge. Screen time is everything.) 🙂

These crispy chicken sandwiches are kid-friendly, too. Also, though, very very adult-friendly. I’ve HEARD.

The truth is that we’re ridiculously lucky. Our kids are a little older and not a pain in the arse most of the time. They’re good eaters. They keep themselves busy on a semi-regular basis. They do things I can’t, like two back walkovers in a row and being half an inch taller than me and more than half an inch smarter than me.

So. No real complaints. (I’ll get back to you in August, though, maybe.)  (more…)

Raspberry Prosecco Popsicles | Umami Girl

What’s up, summer Friday friend base?

I’m going to write something here because that’s what you do in a blog post. But honestly? These boozy summer treats — raspberry Prosecco popsicles with a mere four ingredients, one of which is an alcoholic beverage — really speak for themselves.

Loud and clear.

Done and done.

Raspberry Prosecco Popsicles | Umami Girl


I won’t lie. I’m posting these because Prosecco popsicles are trendy right now. Summer is made for fleeting moments, though, don’t you think? Waves. Sunsets. Peaches.

Prosecco popsicles, apparently.  (more…)

Here’s the second post in Cope’s new series about our financial independence journey. (I’m so kvelling.) You can read the first one here.

Photo credit: the wonderful Lollylah Wedding Photography

Some nights when my head hits the pillow it feels as if I will sink through the bedding to the floor with the weight of exhaustion. My chest feels heavy and muscles defeated. Sleep is near instant and my mind is all but mute. Calm.

Days that rank as worthy with work and purpose bring calm. I did enough, maybe even just a little more, and there is nothing left with which to do well. I need sleep and it is deserved. Peace.

Those are my favorite days. Strength exerted, smarts employed, help rendered, thanks given, lessons learned, bar raised. Love.  (more…)

One of the most frequently made recipes in our house: this easy and fabulous no-cook white bean salad.

Easy White Bean Salad Recipe | Umami Girl

Holy hotness in NJ today. Feels like 94. Summer vibes for the last week of school. I’ll take it.

But here’s what I won’t do: turn on the stove. The heat is almost just an excuse, to be honest. Could there be more to do as the school year winds down?

So, yeah. No oven. No stove. (No freezer, either, apparently, since ours stopped freezing things at the end of last week.) Instead, we’ll have bean salad for dinner between incidents of minor chaos.

Bean salad to the rescue. Maybe this one. And definitely this one.  (more…)


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