Your Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide

We’ve compiled all of our best Thanksgiving recipes and resources in one place, and we’re updating it all the time. Look no further for a successful, low-stress Thanksgiving.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Side Dishes Stuffing Mashed Potatoes Gravy | Umami Girl 1080

The Best Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving cocktails

Beautiful cocktails bursting with fall flavors to set your Thanksgiving off on the right course.

Thanksgiving hors d'oeuvres 

If you're hosting Thanksgiving, you've already got a lot to do. We have some great make-ahead / buy-ahead options for starters here, along with some slightly more needy but gorgeously seasonal suggestions that may work better if you're bringing one dish to someone else's house.

Thanksgiving salads

Good people appreciate good greens on Thanksgiving. Lighten things up a bit while keeping it festive with one of our favorite seasonal salads.

Thanksgiving soups

Here are our favorite, light, seasonal soups to kick off your multi-course sit-down Thanksgiving feast. Or leave a big pot on the stove as part of a Thanksgiving buffet.

Thanksgiving turkey

How to cook a heritage breed turkey, coming very soon.

Vegetarian and vegan Thanksgiving main dishes

Add one of these seasonal stars to your table to please the vegetarian members of your crowd. We find they're very popular among carnivores, too, so make enough for everyone.

Thanksgiving side dishes

Our trick of the trade here is to make all of our Thanksgiving side dishes vegetarian. These are some of our most popular recipes of all time.

Thanksgiving desserts

Leave a little room for these excellent seasonal sweets.


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